Australian Summer Garden Tips

Australian Summer Garden Tips

Even experienced gardeners may struggle with the weather during an Australian summer with the heat and aridity that it brings.

The adventure of growing gardens in the summer comes with both consistent challenges and consistent solutions. Here are some of our tips and tricks from our pros at Sand and Stone Landscapes to help you discover new and successful gardening secrets this summer which will also help keep your mainteance tasks to a minimum.

What Is the Best Month to Start My Garden?

Many gardeners say the best time to start a garden is in October, as the mid-spring mild temperatures and rain are conducive to the growth of new plants. However, this does prevent you from planting in summer! Some particular plants and flowers grow better in the warm weather than they do during the more temperate conditions of spring.

Will My Garden Get More Sun in the Summer?

It all depends on the region in which you live. Some places like the North Coast tend to have sunnier winters than summers, whereas the southeast of the country has hotter and brighter summers.

What Can I Plant in My Summer Garden?


Many vegetables are perfect for planting in the summer. Some popular seedling options include:

  • Tomato
  • Silverbeet
  • Beetroot
  • Green onions
  • Asian greens

These seedlings do well in summer because they get to benefit from and use the oil from fertilizer throughout the springtime. They may also need help from soil-supplementing products such as mulch and fertilizers as you plant them.


You can plant Gladiolus corms throughout spring and into mid-December. Gardening experts recommend planting these bulbs every two weeks over several weeks. Since this flower takes about two months to bloom, staggering the planting allows your garden to continue flowering over an extended period well into the summer season.

Gladiolus corms come in a variety of stunning colours, including purple, pink, lilac, yellow, and white. Planting these bulbs alone can add a wide range of colours to your summer garden.

Purple Gladiolus Corms

How Do You Make a Summer Garden?

When it comes to your garden, summer is the best time to see all of your hard work from the spring grow into full bloom. Although only a few kinds of plants are ideal for planting in the ground, summer in Australia is also a perfect time to make use of your flower pots and hanging planters. One benefit of having potted plants in summer is that you can keep them thriving by moving them into the shade when the sun gets too intense. This rotation may be necessary for herbs like parsley, tarragon, and basil as well as with different lettuces.

Gardening Tips for Australia Summers

Keep Pots Cool

When it is hot out, some potted plants are prone to overheating. If possible, try to keep your plants in terracotta pots out of the way of direct sunlight, mulch them occasionally, and water them frequently to keep the soil moist.

Water Plants in the Morning

Did you know that watering your plants earlier in the day can help prevent mildew? By watering early in the morning, you can keep the soil moist while also allowing the leaves and flowers to dry during the day.

Watch Out for Pests

Although gardeners should stay vigilant for pests year-round, many damaging bugs appear more frequently when soil is warmer and moister. Termites are regular garden visitors during this season. Termites can provide significant benefits to your soil, but you need to place your garden–especially any areas with woodchips–at least one meter away from your home. It would help if you also watched out for aphids, grasshoppers, and mealybugs in your flowers.


Weed Regularly

Weeding your garden year-round should be a priority, but many weeds spread even more rapidly in the summer heat. Weeds are not only an eyesore to your garden, but they can bring more pests to the area and absorb moisture that your flowering plants need to use. Be sure to get weeds out while they are still relatively young before they start dropping seeds.

Summer Gardening in Australia

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