Winter Garden Maintenance

Essential Garden Maintenance Tips for Winter – That Actually Work!


Everyone knows that a garden needs three elements to survive and thrive: soil, water, and good ol’ sunshine. This isn’t a problem most of the year, especially in sunny springtime or warm summers. But when the winter months roll around, maintaining your garden can be quite the challenge.

Fortunately, gardening can be a year-round activity if you know what you’re doing. Here are some of the steps you can take to protect your Australian garden during winter, prepare for spring…and reap the benefits next season.

Change Up Your Soil’s Feed

While adding fertilizer and nutrients to your soil can help produce larger plants and bigger blooms, adding too much all the time can alter the chemistry of your soil and impact your plants’ growth.

It’s worth giving your garden a rest every once in a while. Winter is the perfect time to lay off the high-nitrogen feed and switch to a low-nitrogen one. This will allow your soil to recalibrate, preparing it for the fruitful spring ahead!

Move Potted Plants

If you have some potted plants that have been soaking up that sweet summer sun, you may find they will start to struggle with the reduced light. All you have to do is move them somewhere warmer and safer. This could mean making space for them indoors or even just setting them up in a different location on your porch.

To provide an extra level of protection (especially if those pots are way too heavy for you to move them inside), spray your plants with an anti-transpirant like Yates Stressguard. These products protect your plants against extreme climates and damage, especially during winter.

Potted Plant

Add Colour To Your Home

Winter is often associated with boring or dull colours like whites, browns, or greys. But that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, Australia is home to many beautiful winter-blooming flowers that will add a bright pop of colour to an otherwise drab season. And no, these colourful plants don’t need to be expensive to look great, in fact we have a variety of low maintenance garden ideas on a budget that can help with your creativity.

Fill your home with pansies, polyanthuses, fuschias, jasmine flowers, and irises. Plant them before the cold season gets in full swing, and make sure you water them regularly. Some will even continue to bloom into the summer, giving you cheer all year round.