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Why choose us for your Dural landscaping project?

Experienced Landscapers

You want the job done right the first time – so do we! That is why we employ highly regarded and award winning landscapers who have a track record of delivering quality landscape services. Choose Sand & Stone and watch us deliver a garden you’ll love.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Every one of our professional team is fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured knowing your project is in safe hands. We know local council rules & regulations and all of our landscaping services abide by the appropriate government legislations.

Local to Dural

We know Dural. Whether you own one of the distinctive English atmosphere, 19th Century mansions style homes or whether you have recently renovated or built a new home, we know the landscape designs that will suit your space.

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Luke and his team have been wonderful to work with. We were thrilled with the quality, care and project management from end to end. Can’t recommended highly enough!

Sarah Dabro

Dural Landscape Design & Garden Construction

The brief from our Dural NSW client was to create a beautiful custom built sandstone driveway landscape for their home.

For our Dural landscaping client we installed a brand new, custom built sandstone driveway entrance which creates a stunning entry way for family and friends arriving at the house. As per our clients requirements, a steel letterbox was built into one of the posts and house lettering also attached. When browsing the photos you can see the attention to detail and care we take with all of our landscaspe installations.

A circular driveway turning bay was utilised as a feature piece which includes custom electrical lighting and a centre water feature. The turning bay was complimented with a shrub border which will grow to a nice height to add some greenery to the natural sandstone colours.

A garden bed was installed around the house which includes a paved border and mulch to aid with visual appearance and prevent weed growth. Sir Walter Turf, popular with our landscaping clients, was laid to create a new lawn that will serve the client well for years to come.

Driveway entrance

Dural Landscaping Project Photos

Landscaping Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes is the go-to source for all your Dural landscaping needs. Company director Luke Roodenburg and our exceptional landscaping design team offer a wide range of unmatched landscaping services throughout Sydney and nearby suburbs. With our help, you can have the garden and turf you always wanted.

Our professional landscaping team has years of landscaping Dural experience and will apply our knowledge to any landscaping project. With us, no job is too big or too small. Sand & Stone Landscapes will proudly bring your dream to life so that you can relax in the comfort of your backyard or proudly show off your commercial property’s landscape design and architecture.

When you choose our landscaping Dural design and gardening services, you can expect exceptional customer service, professional solutions, fair prices, and beautiful landscapes with quality materials for your home or business. Our impressive range of Dural services includes turfing, paving, pool surrounds, irrigation, stonemasonry, hedging, planting, decking, retaining walls and more.

All of our Sydney landscaping jobs are client-oriented. Our team believes in open communication and collaboration with customers. If you have a vision for your ideal backyard or garden, we can make it happen with our landscaping skills and services.


Looking for Landscaping Services in Dural?

The landscape for your Dural home or business is part of what makes it unique. Beautiful plants, trees, bushes, turf, and hardscapes add value to properties. Whether you like to relax outdoors in the privacy of your garden or want to improve the look of your company’s exterior, Sand & Stone Landscapes’ professional landscaping team will transform your property to enhance its aesthetics and improve plant health.

We guarantee quality results for all the Dural landscaping services we provide. Customers can be confident that our expert landscapers, gardeners, and landscape designers will never take shortcuts, use low-quality materials, or incorrectly complete a service.

Our goal is to leave every landscape Dural customer with a positive, memorable experience working with Sand & Stone Landscapes.

Our skilled landscaping team strives to exceed every Dural landscaping client’s expectations by producing the best outcome possible. Only the best design and gardening solutions will work for us.

We have a reputation in Sydney and nearby suburbs as the premier Houzz-recommended landscaping company because of our experience, innovative landscaping designs, and clear communication with customers.

Landscaping is an art form our company takes seriously, but we also believe in working with our customers to bring their landscaping visions to life. We have years of experience providing quality landscaping services while paying close attention to trends for outdoor spaces.

With our Dural landscaping expertise and your desires for your home or business’s exterior, we can change your landscape to whatever you envision.

Our Landscapers Are Professional and Affordable

No matter the job size, Luke and our team of Dural landscapers and landscape designers will give your home or business personalised attention. Every residential and commercial property will receive our undivided attention as we alter your landscape’s appearance for the better and implement maintenance plans for your trees and plants.

At Sand & Stone Landscapes, the landscaping specialists don’t apply a single approach to every job. Our passion for landscaping Dural and nearby suburbs extends to every project we complete. We care about your landscaping ambitions, which is why we are eager to include our customers in our design process.

When you schedule a consultation with our landscape company, Luke will perform an on-site assessment. He will partner with Dural landscapers and designers to create a sketch of the initial landscape design with your specifications. Luke and the team will collaborate with you on creative ideas and landscaping design solutions to advise you on the best courses of action for your home or commercial property.

Sand & Stone Landscapes believes in honesty, customer service, and a collaborative design process with customers.

During Dural landscaping consultations, customers receive quotes for the work with upfront prices. The quotes will include each service for the landscaping project, so you won’t have to worry about a hidden cost. We value honesty and strive to provide upfront pricing to every customer.

Contact Us for Quality Landscaping Services in Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes is one of the best choices for landscaping Dural. As the go-to company for stunning landscape transformations throughout the Sydney suburbs, we offer a wide range of services and landscaping solutions to customers at affordable prices.

Every landscaping job is a collaborative effort between our landscapers, designers, and customers. Our attention to detail is exceptional, and our passion for gardening and landscape architecture will benefit every client who chooses our service.

Our Dural landscaping service is not one you should pass up. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get started with your property’s beautiful exterior transformation.

Turfing in Dural

Our landscaping Sydney specialists at Sand & Stone Landscapes offer an exceptional turfing service as part of our wide range of landscaping Dural services. We are a full-service landscaping company with a team of experienced horticulturists, landscape designers, and garden care professionals. Every Sydney landscaping project will receive our expertise and attention to detail, including our turf laying Dural service.

Laying vibrant fresh grass will breathe new life into your home or commercial business. Sand & Stone Landscapes prides itself on providing Dural customers with world-class turf laying solutions. No project is too big or small for us to handle from start to finish with our expertise.

Every landscaping project begins with a consultation with Luke Roodenburg, our company director. From that point, he and the rest of our experienced landscaping team will take a personalised, hands-on approach to the job to ensure that all the work we complete matches the client’s exact specifications.

Our Dural turfing service is no different. We perform on-site assessments to evaluate your property’s turf needs. After careful considerations, evaluations, and discussions, we will offer the best turfing solutions to complement your landscape and aesthetics perfectly.

Our landscapers will use their experience to determine the best grass species to use with the soil type specific to your desired landscape area.
When it’s time to lay the turf, you can expect our landscaping Dural specialists to use the best products, grasses, and installation techniques that will foster healthy green grass growth. We also provide turf maintenance services as one of our long-term turfing solutions.


Need Turfing Services in Dural?

New turf can significantly change the visual appeal of homes and businesses. Lush green grass is beautiful to look at, and it provides a comfortable walking surface. Good grass coverage works as a beautiful foundation for a garden in a Dural suburb or anywhere else in Sydney.

When you work with Sand & Stone Landscapes to improve or change the grass in your garden or backyard, you will see exceptional results upon project completion. Dural turfing is not an easy job, but our experienced landscaping professionals will handle the landscaping project from start to finish.

With our landscaping skills, you don’t have to worry about anything. After we complete the job, you will have great turf to enjoy.

Because we follow a personalised approach to every landscaping job, we will provide a concept design before we begin, informing you about the process and what the garden will look like after we complete our Dural turfing service. We take care of everything, including old turf and paving removal, levelling the area, putting down high-quality soil, and adding fertiliser to the new lawn.

Because Luke and our landscapers have such fine attention to detail, we are confident our turfing Dural service will exceed all expectations and produce a long-lasting result.

We Offer Professional and Affordable Turfing Services in Dural

Regular garden maintenance efforts don’t always work when it comes to grass. If your lawn has dead grass, disease, or discolouration, the solution may be to re-turf the property.

Re-turfing is a complicated procedure that revamps old lawns to create an area full of thriving green grass. The service includes measuring the landscaping area, rubbish and old grass removal, soil rotation, installing new turf, and fertiliser and water crystal applications to encourage plant growth.

With the Sand & Stone Landscapes team managing your Dural landscaping project, you won’t have to lift a finger. Our landscapers have a wide range of industry knowledge and experience to handle the job and produce satisfying results.

As a professional Dural turfing service, Sand & Stone Landscapes’ mission is to enhance your garden design and improve your property value with vibrant green grass growth. With a full lawn in your backyard, you will have a comfortable area to walk, sit, and relax as you admire the splendour of your outdoor environment.

When you get in touch with our team for Dural turfing service, you can be sure you will have the best lawn at an affordable price. Our Dural landscapers and gardening experts take great care in their work. From the initial consultation to post-installation maintenance, you can rest assured that your garden and turf will look fantastic for a fair price.

Contact Us for Affordable Turfing Services in Dural

Take control of your turf, and give your Dural garden the care it deserves. Get in touch with Sand & Stone Landscapes today for our Dural turfing services. For years, our expert landscapers, gardeners, and landscape designers have provided reasonably priced landscaping services to customers and met every expectation.

We provide honest and upfront quotes for every service so that you know the costs for every task we perform to make your Dural landscaping dreams a reality. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Our team only uses the best products from leading turf suppliers to lay new lawns for residential and commercial properties. If you need professional landscaping Dural service, contact us today and schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing your landscape design ideas.

Paving in Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes is the premier Dural paving service. Our highly skilled team of landscapers and designers have years of experience providing an impressive range of landscaping Dural services to customers who want to upgrade their outdoor environment.

We understand how to implement creative Dural landscape paving solutions to improve gardens at a fair price while meeting our customers’ expectations with our expertise. At Sand & Stone Landscapes, we excel in landscaping jobs that transform our clients’ outdoor spaces, regardless of the size of their chosen area.

Our landscaping Dural paving services can turn your home or business’s garden into a beautiful oasis, perfect for relaxing in the open air or spending time with friends or colleagues. Our exceptional landscape design team will get in touch with you to discuss ideas and install the perfect paved landscape feature using quality materials.

Our specialists have a passion for Dural landscape architecture. We offer a broad range of paving services for residential and commercial landscapes throughout various Sydney suburbs. When you want to have a beautiful landscape paving job that you’d be proud to show off to visitors, we are the team to call.


Searching for Paving Services in Dural?

Dural paving services use brick, concrete, gravel, and natural stones like granite and sandstone to create everything from pool surrounds, walking paths, garden edges, driveways, and patios. With so many colours, textures, and designs to choose from, it is not easy coming up with a landscape design that works well for your garden and landscape architecture.

The landscaping Dural team’s paving service will take the guesswork out of the project by helping you make the right paving decisions for your residential or commercial property.

We only work with the best paving supplies to create stunning Dural landscaping designs for gardens. Durability and low maintenance are priorities for the Sand & Stone Landscapes team, which is why we only work with the best paving suppliers available.

Luke Roodenburg, the company director, takes a hands-on approach to every Dural landscaping job. He and our landscapers will walk you through the entire landscaping process, from consultation to execution, to ensure that we bring your vision for the perfect garden to life.

Creating a beautiful Dural outdoor living area can be challenging, but the Sand & Stone Landscapes’ team is up to the task. Our years of providing landscape services to homes and businesses across many Sydney suburbs gives us plenty of hands-on experience. We can blend creative paving solutions with innovative landscape designs to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that property owners love.

We Provide Expert Paving Services in Dural

When you schedule a consultation for paving services with our dedicated Dural landscaping professionals, we will perform an on-site assessment to view the area you want to improve. At Sand & Stone Landscapes, we believe in taking a collaborative approach to every Dural job. Landscaping is an art form, and we want to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations and create a garden design with precise paving specifications.

Because we spend our time working on Dural landscaping projects, one of the things we know how to do is listen to our client’s landscaping wants while thoroughly evaluating the designated area.

We want you to be happy with the result. However, we also want to ensure our work will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

No Dural landscaping job is too big or small for us to complete. After every workday, our landscaping Sydney specialists will thoroughly clean the work area to minimise clutter. We neatly put away tools and supplies.

When the project is complete, we perform a thorough cleanup of the area so that you can begin enjoying your garden with paved surfaces and walls immediately. Afterwards, Luke will conduct a final walkthrough of your garden to ensure your satisfaction.

Our clients’ satisfaction with our Dural landscaping services is our guarantee. We will work hard to make sure we give your property the transformation you always wanted.

Call Us for Quality Paving Services in Dural

When you turn to Sand & Stone Landscapes for Dural paving services, you can be confident that you will have a stunning landscape feature you and guests will enjoy for years to come. We work on every landscaping job with care and apply our keen eye for details into every element to create a cohesive Dural landscape design.

Get in touch with a landscaper or designer from Sand & Stone Landscapes today for Dural paving services. You can trust our expertise in designing and installing a beautiful feature for your garden at an affordable price. Every quote we provide has an itemised list of services to promote honest and open communication with our customers.

We are leaders in landscaping Dural services, so contact our team to learn more about our paving services and receive a quote. We look forward to discussing Dural landscaping needs.

Pool Surrounds in Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes is the premium landscaping Dural company, and we offer exceptional services for pool surrounds. Backed by years of experience in gardening, paving, and other Dural landscaping jobs, we have the tools and expertise to install low-maintenance pool surrounds to elevate your garden design and safety.

With pool surrounds and decking, your garden will have a safe surface around the pool that can withstand constant exposure to chlorinated and saltwater pools. The pool pavers will also enhance your garden’s landscape designs.

You will have many materials and designs to choose from to enhance your pool and garden area. Our Dural landscaping specialists will transform your property into a visually appealing tranquil oasis.

Whether you choose concrete, timber, or another quality material for your pool surrounds, you can be sure our team will execute the landscaping job to your exact specifications. Plus, our company director Luke Roodenburg strives to maintain open communication with customers at all times.

We pay close attention to your landscaping Dural needs and conduct thorough on-site assessments to find the best solutions for you.

Pool surrounds

Looking for Pool Surround Services in Dural?

Having an in-ground pool on your property is excellent for beating the Sydney heat. However, with the Sand & Stone Landscapes team’s expertise, we can turn your garden and pool into a beautiful tropical sanctuary.

The decking around your in-ground pool doesn’t have to be drab. When you get in touch with our team, we can create a concept design that blends your aesthetic to your landscape area. We are experts at coming up with creative Dural landscape design ideas.

We will use our expertise and experience to enhance the look of your garden and pool with our pool surround services.

Sand & Stone Landscapes provides clients with a wide range of construction services using quality products. Choose natural stone with stunning colours and markings, simple concrete, or something in between. No matter your aesthetic and size of the job, we will make it happen with our pool surrounds services.

Your pool surround can be the ideal focal point of the garden. Our landscapers and designers will develop a beautiful design for your outdoor area with our passion for creating the best Dural landscapes and your vision of the perfect pool and garden.

We Offer Professional Pool Surround Services in Dural

Construction for pool surrounds in Dural is time-consuming and messy. Instead of attempting the project alone, get in touch with Sand & Stone Landscapes and ask about our services. Our professional Sydney landscapers have the skills, tools, and know-how to design and construct pool decking with beauty and functionality.

With our pool surrounds services, we consider everything, from the material’s slip-resistance to maximise safety on wet surfaces to its heat reflectivity. Some decking materials can absorb too much heat from the hot Dural sun, making the pool surround too uncomfortable to touch.

Our Dural landscaping experts also think about the pool surrounds’ decorative accents and how they will complement the garden’s landscape design. We always strive to construct a cohesive pool surround that blends well into the garden to achieve the best aesthetic.

We will go over all our considerations before we execute any project plans. We believe in honest communication with customers about our landscaping services and the price for the project. Each client will receive an itemised quote after our initial consultation with the cost of each service.

Contact Us About Your Dural Pool Surround Needs

When you want to improve the look and safety of your garden with pool surrounds, contact the landscaping Dural experts at Sand & Stone Landscapes. We specialise in creating outdoor environments with a wow factor, whether designing pool decking or installing new plants for nearby garden beds.

Our commitment is to exceed expectations at all Dural landscaping jobs. For years, we have been helping Sydney residents bring their landscape design ideas to life.

Take control of your Dural landscape architecture and get in touch with our professional team today for an upfront quote. We take pride in property transformations, so let us give you the Dural landscape you always wanted for your home.

Irrigation in Dural

At Sand & Stone Landscapes, our Dural landscaping professionals have provided customers with garden irrigation solutions for years. Our landscaping company is home to creative landscapers, designers, and gardening experts who view Dural landscaping as an art form.

We offer a broad range of landscaping Dural services to improve the look and functionality of gardens while offering exceptional garden maintenance to promote healthy plant growth.

Gardens need water to thrive, but weather conditions don’t always provide enough moisture for plants to live. With our irrigation services, we can ensure that your grass and plants will receive the moisture they need without wasting water. No matter your garden area’s size, we can install an irrigation system that suits your needs.

Dural irrigations systems can range from simple garden sprinklers to drip irrigation systems. We will thoroughly evaluate your garden area and help you choose the best option for your home or business.


Searching for Irrigation Services in Dural?

One of the best ways to ensure that your plants and turf grow and look their best is to water them. Dural weather conditions may not always be ideal for giving the soil in your garden the right amount of moisture for plants to thrive. Thankfully, Sand & Stone Landscapes specialises in installations for Dural irrigation systems.

Dying plants with withering or discoloured foliage impact your garden landscape design and attractiveness. By contacting the Sand & Stone Landscapes team about our irrigation services, you will be taking a proactive approach to your garden’s aesthetics and plant health.

Sand & Stone Landscapes has ample experience with irrigation services and understands how Dural weather conditions can affect plant growth and health. We will discuss your irrigation options, including dripper systems or micro-jet spray systems.

Though traditional sprinklers will certainly moisten garden soil, updated irrigations systems waste less water. Advanced irrigation systems that control how much water releases from pipes and sprinkler heads are available for any irrigation service.

Watering plants and turf by hand with a hose is time-consuming and not always practical. For that reason, we suggest clients install a watering system. With our Dural irrigation services, you will have hands-free watering solutions you can count on without worrying about water wastage.

Our Team Offers Professional Irrigation Services in Dural

One of the best steps you can take for preserving your Dural garden is investing in an irrigation system. Not only will the water system reduce your turf and garden maintenance, but it also ensures that you have a garden filled with healthy plants with beautifully-coloured foliage. With our irrigating services, you won’t have to worry about Dural weather patterns and dry spells.

When it comes to Sand & Stone Landscapes Dural irrigation services, our landscapers will guide you through the entire process. With our teams’ experience installing watering systems, we can help you select the right product for your garden’s needs.

Once you select your watering system, Sand & Stone Landscapes will install it. We manage the process from beginning to end and take great care in preserving the garden landscape design. Whether you prefer a high-quality manual or automatic Dural watering system, we will gladly install it in your garden.

Call Us for Affordable Irrigation Services in Dural

When you need assistance getting your lawn the water it needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sand & Stone Landscapes. Irrigation system installations are part of the wide range of Dural landscaping services we offer homeowners and businesses.

We provide irrigation service at an affordable price with no hidden fees. Our team’s passion lies in creating unique outdoor environments with lush plant growths and an excellent landscape design. A watering system installation by our Dural landscapers will ensure your garden remains healthy and robust year-round.

Contact Sand & Stone Landscapes to learn more about our landscaping services and receive a quote for irrigation installation. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about the service.

Stonemasonry in Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes is one of the leading Dural landscaping companies with a wide range of services for improving outdoor spaces. Our team has years of experience executing Dural landscaping projects. With our expertise and passion for transforming an outdoor area into a beautiful oasis, we are confident in our ability to produce the best result for your Dural landscaping needs.

Part of our Dural landscaping services is stonemasonry. Our team understands how a stone structure can enhance a Dural landscape design. With the help of our Dural landscapers, designers, and construction experts, we can elevate your stonemasonry project and improve the overall appearance of your garden.

Our Dural stonemasonry services cover many types of construction, including retaining walls and driveways. Whatever you need for your Dural garden, we can do. Stonemasonry is an art form, and our creative team will use the service to implement the perfect landscape design.


Need Stonemasonry Services in Dural?

Sand & Stone Landscapes Dural stonemasonry services work for a variety of garden settings and purposes. The service is useful for constructing retaining walls, pathways, pool surrounds, water features, garden walls, and garden furniture.

Our highly skilled Dural landscaping professionals work with any type of stone material you want for your landscape. Whether your preference is brick, natural stone, concrete, or stucco, we can work with them and produce the best result. We only use the best quality products from leading suppliers so that you can be confident in your stone feature’s longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Proper stonemasonry requires a high level of skill and creativity. Because we have years of experience constructing garden features, retaining walls, and more, we understand how to manage any outdoor space. At Sand & Stone Landscapes, our Dural professionals will produce the best result every time.

Our Team Provides Professional and Affordable Stonemasonry Services

The Sand & Stone Landscapes team is committed to providing superior Dural landscaping and stonemasonry services. Our goal is to leave clients with a beautiful garden and a satisfying experience. We take landscape architecture and landscape design seriously, and we impart our passion into every stonemasonry project we complete.

In addition to our Dural stonemasonry services, we also provide unmatched decking, landscaping, planting, and more. We encourage clients to combine our various landscaping Dural services to create an exceptional garden landscape with all the unique features you desire. We are a one-stop-shop for Dural construction and landscaping.

Sand and Stone Landscapes has a reputation for providing exceptional services to every customer and for a good reason. We offer on-site consultations, concept designs, and regular check-ins with our company director Luke Roodenburg, all for a reasonable price. We also perform daily cleanups to keep the garden neat as we work in the area.

Contact Us About Your Dural Stonemasonry Needs

When you’re ready to get in touch with Dural landscapers with extensive stonemasonry services, look no further than Sand & Stone Landscapes. For years, our Dural landscaping experts have helped residents throughout Sydney achieve the garden landscape design of their dreams.

We take pride in transforming outside areas into beautiful landscapes. Whether you need our Dural stonemasonry services to lay down a new walking path, pool surrounds, or retaining walls, you can count on us to get the job done right. At Sand & Stone Landscapes, we take a personalised, collaborative approach to every project to ensure that we create every client’s perfect landscape.

To get started, contact us today and tell us about your stonemasonry needs. We will gladly give you a quote and answer all your questions about our services.

Hedging in Dural

When you need to get your hedging under control, turn to the Dural landscaping professionals at Sand & Stone Landscapes. With years of experience serving the Sydney suburbs, our Dural landscaping experts have plenty of hedge maintenance experience.

We work with all types of Dural hedges. Our Dural specialists also understand the importance of trimming and pruning to improve the landscape and encourage healthy plant growth.

The purpose of our impressive range of Dural hedging services is to trim hedges in a way that complements the home or business’s exterior while adding value to the landscape design. We use the best equipment to deliver the highest quality standards for hedge trimming and pruning.

It’s not uncommon for hedge branches and trees to grow out of control. The overgrown limbs and foliage can be an eyesore for your garden landscape, but we know how to take care of the excess growth with our hedging service.

Hedging is as much an art form as it is necessary for the health and development of plants. Trimming, pruning, and shaping shrubbery and trees offer benefits to the plant and the home or business owner. With our hedging services, you can be sure your landscape design will have perfectly manicured plants that require minimal maintenance on your part.


Searching for Hedging Services in Dural?

Simple hedges that border your garden, decorative topiary trees, elegant espaliered trees, and stilted hedges that create tunnels and arches all benefit from our Dural hedging services. Each type of plant plays a significant role in the garden landscape design, whether it’s to give the garden privacy or stop a small garden from receiving too much Dural sunlight.

It takes several annual services to keep Dural hedges healthy and looking their best. Completing the task yourself takes a lot of time, and it’s easy to unintentionally harm the plant as you cut its leaves and branches. With Sand & Stone Landscapes, you can sit back and relax while we improve your garden landscape with our superior hedging services.

Understanding what it means to trim, shape, and prune trees and shrubbery properly takes a lot of skill, practice, and experience. Our Dural landscaping experts know how to use their keen eye for detail to transform an unruly bush or tree into an attractive plant with no leaf out of place.

We Offer Professional and Affordable Hedging Services in Dural

Luke Roodenburg, the director of Sand & Stone Landscapes, and our professional Dural landscaping specialists will prevent your shrubbery and trees from becoming unsightly and unsafe with our exceptional Dural hedging services. We have the tools and experience to give hedges a lovely shape while removing out of control branches and leaves that could hinder the plants’ structural integrity and health.

We uphold the highest quality standards for our Dural landscaping professionals. Our Dural gardening and landscape design experts take time to consult with you about the needs of your garden. From your ultimate goal for the hedges to the individual price for every service your garden will need, we will go over everything.

During the consultation, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the garden area containing hedges. When it’s time to trim, shape, or prune, we make careful and deliberate cuts to remove unwanted leaves and potentially diseased branches. Once complete, we will remove all trimmings and rubbish from the garden, leaving you with a lovely landscape to enjoy at an affordable price.

If you have a specific shape you prefer for your hedges, you can rely on Sand & Stone Landscapes to complete the task down to the last detail. No job is too small or complex for our Dural landscaping team to handle. We are confident in our Dural landscape and design specialists’ skills, so rest assured we will never take shortcuts with our hedging services.

Contact Us About Your Dural Hedging Needs

If it’s time to give your hedges a trim, put your trust in the Dural landscaping professionals at Sand & Stone Landscapes. For years, we have been providing the Sydney suburbs with unmatched landscaping services to improve the look and health of gardens and landscapes.

With our expertise in landscape design, gardening, and hedging services, you can be confident your trees and shrubs will be healthy and look amazing. Since hedging services are necessary throughout the year, we will provide hedge maintenance and care at an affordable price to ensure that your hedges continue to add value to your home or business.

Contact us today if you need to book our Dural hedging service. Our specialists are happy to go over our landscaping services and discuss your garden’s needs.

Planting in Dural

For beautiful professional planting Dural solutions, turn to Sand & Stone Landscapes, Sydney’s award-winning landscaping Dural service. Plants completely change your garden’s look and give homes and businesses a welcomed boost in visual appeal and property value. For Dural suburbs, our gardening team is the go-to company for improving landscapes with healthy, vibrantly coloured trees and plants.

Our Dural landscapers have the experience and expertise to select the appropriate plants to enhance your preferred landscape design. We also provide superior garden maintenance service to ensure that newly planted flowers, trees, and shrubs achieve healthy growth, regardless of the weather.

We provide plants to our landscaping Dural clients and install them correctly into their designated garden area. Our Dural gardening experts have access to top plant suppliers who offer a broad range of beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, and other greenery.

Take control of your Dural landscape and get in touch with our team for the best planting solutions available for Dural suburbs. With our service, you can be sure that your planting project will create a stunning display of gorgeous trees and plants, which we help you select for your garden design.

We have years of experience in Dural planting services, so we understand what it takes to create beautiful gardens at a reasonable price. Comprehensive Dural planting from our skilled horticulturists helps gardens reach their full potential.


Looking for Planting Services in Dural?

Sand & Stone Landscapes understands that Dural landscape architecture is an art form that our skilled in-house horticulturists take seriously. They will evaluate your Dural landscape area during an on-site consultation and create a landscape design for a garden that meets your specific needs.

If your current garden isn’t meeting your expectations, our team can advise you on the best plants to install for all weather conditions and soil types. Do you intend to move and sell your home? We can improve your property value by creating a landscape design with a garden to help your residence stand out on the market.

No job size is too much or too little for Sand & Stone Landscapes’ professional services. Our mission is to transform the exteriors of homes and businesses into lovely outdoor environments.

When our team creates your Dural landscape design after your initial consultation, they will note key visual elements around the area that will affect the landscaping design, like nearby walls and the garden’s size. With our exceptional attention to detail and thorough Dural landscaping jobs, we will be sure to capture all the relevant features you desire for your garden.

Our Team Provides Affordable and Professional Planting Services in Dural

Not every property owner has the love and expertise for gardening. Some Sydney residents who attempt to install plants and maintain their garden beds may find it challenging to produce a successful result. That’s where Sand & Stone Landscapes comes in.

Our trained Dural landscapers and garden maintenance team can help you make the necessary decisions for your landscape design and garden aspirations. We can access hundreds of plants, trees, and shrubbery at an affordable price to install into the garden area.

Our experienced landscaping Dural professionals will carefully consider your landscape design expectations and preferences for plant sizes, foliage types, colour, and price range. We also look at your Dural location, soil conditions, and weather exposure to make the final planting decisions. Our process also ensures that your garden continues to thrive once the installation is complete.

Regardless of your landscaping Dural planting needs, you can be confident the professionals at Sand & Stone Landscapes will deliver the ideal landscape design for your garden. Our Dural landscapers will work hand-in-hand with you to bring your vision for the perfect outdoor space to life, whether it’s for a commercial area or a backyard garden.

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As an experienced landscaping Dural company with superior gardening services, our landscapers work to meet our customers’ needs. Whether we create a garden landscape design for private residences or businesses, our professionals will communicate with clients from the beginning of their Dural landscaping project until the end.

We have years of experience providing Dural planting services to suburbs throughout the area, including garden maintenance, garden design, and plant installation. We understand the importance of being considerate during the planning and execution stages for all our landscaping services, including garden planting.

Job size is not essential to us, so get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation and receive a quote for Dural planting services in your area. We will gladly discuss all design and gardening options with you.

Decking in Dural

Sand & Stone Landscapes has a decking service for residents throughout Dural. For years, our landscaping experts have been developing their designing, building, and landscaping skills to create decks that will add significant value to any home or business.

An abundance of positive customer reviews is why Houzz recommends our exceptional landscaping services to Sydney residents for residential and commercial properties.

A deck is a wonderful place to relax in your garden. Anyone can have an idea for the perfect deck for their garden, but it takes a lot of skill, creativity, equipment, and work to turn the concept into reality. The landscape and design professionals at Sand & Stone Landscapes offer many quality Dural landscaping services, including decking.

Our Dural landscaping professionals design every deck down to the last detail. You can expect it to last for years with regular use. We combine quality materials, intricate designs, keen attention to detail, and expert construction knowledge to install decks.


Need Decking Services in Dural?

Including a deck in your landscape design gives you and your guests a place to relax outdoors without being directly in the garden. The deck increases the home or business’s square footage and creates an outside living area for entertaining, relaxation, or gardening.

Installing a deck is a complex process that many people find overwhelming. If you don’t have the time, patience, or know-how to install decking, turn to Sand & Stone Landscapes for our quality decking services. No matter the size of your landscape or building, we will develop a stunning deck that complements both the building and its landscape.

Every deck our Dural landscaping specialists install comes from our desire to transform your outdoor area into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. We can advise you on the best decking material, style, colour, size, and more.

We Provide Professional and Affordable Decking Services in Dural

Whether you have a small area for a deck or an expansive garden with plenty of building space, Sand & Stone Landscapes will install a beautiful deck that meets all of your expectations.

We will discuss your options, materials, preferences, and lifestyles during the on-site consultation with our Dural landscaping and designing experts. Because we believe in open communication with our customers, we will consider all your input and incorporate it into the design, along with key visual elements and landscape considerations.

Deck installation is an extensive project, but the Sand & Stone Landscapes Dural professionals are up to the task. From concept designs to the final area cleanup, we use our landscaping and decking experience to create lovely decks of all sizes, shapes, and colours, all at affordable prices with no hidden fees.

We use quality materials such as treated pine and stringybark timber to stand up to Dural weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. With full-service decking from Sand & Stone Landscapes, you will have a deck to use and enjoy for years to come.

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When you need quality Dural decking services, look no further than Sand & Stone Landscapes. Backed by years of experience, our Dural landscaping professionals have the expertise, equipment, and construction skills to design and install the best decking you can imaging.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Sand & Stone Landscapes. We build relationships with our customers and approach our Dural decking services as a collaborative effort between our landscapers, designers, and clients. We aim to design and install a stunning deck using high-quality materials that will add value to your home or business.

Contact Sand & Stone Landscapes today for more details about our unmatched Dural decking services. Our landscaping specialists are standing by to give you a quote for your next project.

Retaining Walls in Dural

Dural residents looking for affordable retaining wall services can turn to Sand & Stone Landscapes for superior retaining wall construction. Our Dural landscaping specialists have years of experience with retaining wall construction, landscape design, and gardening. We offer Dural residential and commercial clients beautiful, stylish, and functional retaining walls and an affordable price.

A well-constructed retaining wall consisting of the best materials available will add significant value to any home or business. Dural retaining walls offer several benefits beyond visual appeal. When you choose the Sand & Stone Landscapes Dural landscaping professionals, you can expect to receive the best result possible.

With careful planning and execution, a Dural retaining wall will add interest to your garden while preserving the landscape’s structural integrity. They are a multi-purpose and attractive garden feature that creates a functional and safe landscape for your home or business. We will design and construct the best retaining walls for your garden needs with our Dural retaining wall services.

Retaining Wall

Looking for Retaining Wall Services in Dural?

Dural residents can use a retaining wall for many landscaping purposes. The walls can enhance a Dural garden as a standalone feature, increase a garden area by creating slopes on the landscape, and prevent soil erosion in a sloped garden. Whatever your purpose, it’s imperative to use the appropriate retaining wall materials and acquire professional Dural landscaping services.

Sand & Stone Landscapes has years of experience building and installing retaining walls throughout the Dural suburbs. Our Dural landscaping experts can design, construct, and establish an affordable retaining wall to fit any aesthetic and purpose.

Every retaining wall we build consists of quality materials like stone veneers, poured concrete, concrete blocks, and brick. Our Dural landscaping professionals design our retaining walls to be incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance. We can create a retaining wall of any size and height, depending on your garden’s size, landscape needs, and aesthetic preferences.

We Offer Professional and Affordable Retaining Wall Services in Dural

Our team applies superior artistry and years of knowledge to all our landscaping services, including retaining wall construction. Our fully-trained Dural landscaping professionals will carefully design, build, and install the best quality retaining wall to meet your garden needs and expectations without sacrificing our landscaping standards.

At Sand & Stone Landscapes, we will never put our quality standards ahead of our Dural landscaping services or customers’ needs. Our landscaping professionals follow all local guidelines and regulations for retaining wall construction. When it comes to materials for our landscaping services, including retaining wall construction, we source quality products from the best suppliers.

When you get in touch with our Dural landscape specialists, we will begin with an on-site consultation and a conceptual design. We tailor our Dural landscaping services to each customer, so we will always consider your ideas and preferences as we plan the new landscape feature for your garden design.

When it’s time to build and install the retaining walls, our Dural landscape experts will work quickly and efficiently. We will clean the work area daily and give the garden a thorough cleanup when we finish so that you can immediately enjoy your garden with new retaining walls.

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Whether you need retaining walls to prevent soil and rock erosion or want to improve your garden landscape design, you can rely on Sand & Stone Landscapes to complete the job to perfection. We specialise in retaining wall design, construction, and installation with quality materials and years of hands-on experience.

If you have a specific idea about retaining walls for your garden, our Dural landscape experts will make your vision a reality at an affordable price. Not only will we enhance your outside space with beautiful retaining walls, but we also make sure that they will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Contact Sand & Stone Landscapes today to discuss our retaining wall services. Our landscaping specialists will be happy to provide a quote for our exceptional services.

Trusted & Affordable Dural Landscaping

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We pride ourselves on the way we work, and communicate, with our clients. Every job, whether you need a new garden, tree services, turf laying, advice on what plant will work best, no matter the size or the scope of work, involves full collaboration with our client, every step of the way.

This Dural property is just one example from our extensive portfolio, take a minute to browse our other landscaping example and phone today for a free quote!

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