Low Maintenance Front Garden Ideas

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas On a Budget

Gardening doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Gardens should work around you and your willingness to garden, not the other way around. Even better, low maintenance garden design ideas tend to be easy on the wallet, since they require a minimalist approach.

A low maintenance garden doesn’t have to be a nightmare of artificial grass, gravel, and inanimate features. There are plenty of beautiful plants that are easy to care for while still ensuring that your garden looks excellent. So here are some of our top ideas for low maintenance gardens on a budget that will ensure you have a fantastic garden that almost looks after itself. If you would like a professional to take care of your garden maintenance for you please reach out to us for a free quote.

Get Rid of the Lawn

A smooth, even lawn adds a lot of curb appeal to any house. But it’s also expensive and difficult to maintain. Grass requires constant feeding and watering, not to mention the weekly mowing session. Lawn grass also has a negative environmental impact and can drive away native plant and animal species. That’s why many garden design ideas are moving away from lawns to other forms of ground cover.

Replacing a lawn will require some care and thought, but there are plenty of landscaping ideas for you to consider. Instead of lawn around your trees, plant native or regional bushes and flowers that like shade. In areas where you walk often, lay down gravel paths and create small seating areas. Gravel is excellent at improving draining and preventing weed growth, and applied smartly can add much-needed definition to a garden.

Fall in Love with Mulch

Mulch is any organic material that you spread over the top of the soil. Mulch offers many advantages to the smart low-maintenance gardener. One of the best things about mulch is that it prevents water loss, which will save on your water bill and keep your low maintenance garden beds neat.

Mulch is an excellent weed-suppressor, which will save you hundreds of hours of weeding the garden. High-quality mulch will also decompose, which improves the soil’s fertility, nitrogen, and nutrient levels. Make sure to buy your mulch from reputable retailer sites.

Choose your Plants Wisely

Some plants are harder work than others. Many native species require very little work, and will have consistently good looks throughout the year. Sure, you may miss out on some of the drama of having a beautiful flowering plant for one month, but you save on the hard work of cleaning and pruning.

Shrubs are one of the best choices for a low maintenance garden. While they need the occasional trim, they’re generally hardy and require little feeding or watering. Their winter garden maintenance requirements will be minimal. Low hedges offer excellent garden design ideas for edging borders and hiding any weeds that may have dug through your mulch. Also, consider hardy flowering plants like vinca minor or periwinkle to add an extra bit of colour to your garden design.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance garden, there are several plant types that you should avoid at all costs. Creepers are an enormous time-sink, regardless of whether they’re self-clinging or need support. Self-clinging climbers can quickly spiral out of control and can do significant damage to your building. Climbers that need support will require endless maintenance and tying to ensure they look neat and grow well.

Avoid cluttering your garden with containers. Plants in small containers look great on Getty Images landscaping ideas pages, but will need constant watering, feeding, and repotting. If you’re determined to have at least one container, stick to large containers that remain watered and fed for longer for low maintenance. Look at garden design ideas on places like Getty Images that use agricultural trough samples as large, durable containers.

One of the most important landscaping ideas for gardens is to work with suitable plants. By pairing plants with the right soil type and climate, you’ll remove much of the maintenance required to have the plants thrive. Wherever possible, choose plants that grow naturally in your climate and area, as they’ll need very little care.

Low Maintenance Backyard Plant

Philodendon Xanadu

Limit the Types of Plants

A straightforward way to reduce the maintenance in your garden is to limit the variety of plants. Instead of having 20 varieties, stick to five or ten. Limits are often the key to really creative solutions in garden design ideas, and having a limited selection means it’s easier to get a uniform look in a low maintenance garden.

Avoid Work-Intensive Features

While ponds look great and add a certain natural appeal to a garden, they’re also challenging to maintain and one of the worst garden design ideas for low maintenance gardens. There are hundreds of small, recirculating water fountains that are easier to maintain and better for the environment.

Let Your Garden Run Wild

While this option isn’t a good idea for the whole garden, consider letting the back of your garden return to nature. Shady areas under trees or the extreme back of the garden are excellent places for nature to take over. You’ll get more Australian native plant varieties, and you may even notice the return of some native wildlife species. And best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger to maintain any of it. This type of garden designs ideas all by itself.

Budget Garden Ideas

Automate Watering

One of the most time-consuming tasks of garden maintenance is watering. All plants need water to thrive, and having a regular schedule is essential to having a beautiful low maintenance garden. While commercial automated systems are expensive to install, they can save you money in the long run.

Dripper or soak hose systems are the best options for automated watering since they deliver water directly to the roots instead of spraying plants from the top. If you want to save, consider making your own DIY leaky hose system, which you can easily find by searching Google. You’ll quickly notice how much money and time you save by installing any type of watering system.

Low Maintenance Garden Mistakes to Avoid

Many people often make small mistakes in the pursuit of a low maintenance garden. Here are some mistakes that we often see in garden design:

  • Planting tender plants: If you live in a cold climate, avoid planting delicate flowers that need to be wrapped and relocated every winter. Also, avoid most bedding plants, vegetables, and seedlings that generally aren’t robust enough to survive on their own.
  • Painting or staining furniture: Sure, it looks great to have a whitewashed fence as a feature, but remember that in a year or two, you’ll have to repaint it, and then again soon after. Instead, stick to your furniture or fence’s natural colour and fit your landscaping garden ideas around it.
  • Avoid plants that are snail food: Snails are herbivores, and there are some plants that they love. Some species are snail magnets, and once the little creatures are in your garden, they’ll eat every plant in sight. Avoid tender and succulent plants and opt for natural snail repellents instead.
  • Avoid plastic edging: Plastic edging is advertised as a no-fuss alternative to traditional wood borders. Unfortunately, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth, as most plastics tend to warp in extreme cold or heat. Also, it tends to look cheap, even if you buy high-quality commercial-grade plastic.

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