Castle Hill Cafes

Our Favourite Cafes in Castle Hill

There are so many amazing cafes in Castle Hill. It’s hard to choose a favourite. These establishments offer a place to work remotely, host business meetings, bring your friends, share romantic moments with the love of your life, wake up with specialty brews, and eat like royalty. We’ve taken some notes to help you choose the perfect spot.

Youeni Foodstore, Old Northern Road

Youeni Foodstore Castle Hill

The Youeni Foodstore on Old Northern Road focuses on healthy food. They lean towards the vegetarian and vegan crowd—going so far as having multiple milk options such as oat milk and almond milk for your coffee.

The appeal of the Foodstore is that you can start with some coffee, meet a friend to catch up, work, have a healthy lunch, and take a healthy beverage home. The feeling is rustic, and the friendly staff smile at you from behind the counter.

Fresh nuts, seeds, and spices awaken your taste buds, and you can even choose your favourite greens from the shelves behind the counter. If you need a hearty meal, they serve some of their best entrées in cast-iron skillets.

They draw beautiful art on your coffee, and their customized salads allow you to explore new foods. If you need that human connection, sit at the bar. If not, you can hide in the corner with your friend or partner.

Coffee Trad3rs, Castle Hill

Coffee Trad3rs

When you go to Coffee Trad3rs in Towers, you are likely expecting coffee and nothing more. You will be pleasantly surprised. Coffee Trad3rs has a coffee-Asian-fusion vibe that will startle your senses. Everything on the menu is fresh (a gorgeous salad with fresh fruit, for example,) and you can pair that with coffee or other specialty drinks exclusive to Coffee Trad3rs.

The decor is soft and rustic—almost as if you entered a movie set. You can sit for the entire afternoon, have a tasty meal, and head home after working all day. Even if you don’t like coffee, this is the place to try burgers with fried eggs, French toast, or scrumptious soups.

They even make gluten-free foods for anyone who has to be careful when they go out. Follow them on Instagram—like we do—to see their specials.

The Baron, Castle Towers

The Baron Castle Towers

The Baron is another vegetarian-leaning establishment that provides you with everything from coffee to food and beer. You can bask in gastropub fare that you did not think you could find out here. Ask the waiter to bring you a beer while the team behind the counter wraps your takeout in a paper bag.

Gluten-free foods are available, and can you munch on the avocado dishes you have been hoping for. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are available all in one place.

Diner lights hang over every table, and the tables will make you feel like care ha